Saturday, October 2, 2010

6 months down!

Clearly, it has been WAY too long since I've posted anything. I have no excuses-I just forgot about this thing! Matt and I have been married for 6 months and 6 days now. Where did the last 6 months go?! It still feels like we JUST barely got married. Anyway, to catch everyone up with our lives now....

Right now we're at the lake house for GENERAL CONFERENCE weekend with Papa Don. Ohhh--I LOVE it up here! It's the perfect whether for it, too. Little did we know, we were going to get conned into staining the new bedroom downstairs. Ughhh. So much for a relaxing weekend watching college ball and conference......

(Over the last 6 months)

Matt and I are finally getting a hang of this whole married thing ;) Ha. We have lots of fun together and are super busy with things to actually find any time to sit down and take it all in! I've been working at Sun City Tanning for almost two months now. I am LOVING it! It's not full-time, but it does have good hours and, let's face it, it's easy work! Matt is still doing the same thing, of course, working with his dad. He loves it, so that's a plus! Hopefully soon he will start traveling and doing buying trips which equals...more money (:

Summer came and went....nothing too exciting for us. No vacations. All work and no play. We have made some pretty good friends in the ward though! They're a fun couple and they also live in our apartment complex, which makes get-together's so much easier! Michael is from England, so the accent is fun entertainment for us...and his wife, Keia is a lot of fun, too. We're also VT comps (:

Only ONE MORE MONTH until I fly our to Vegas for my BEST FRIEND'S wedding (: Yup! Katie got engaged a month and a half or I'll make my first trip out there! Funny thing is she caught my bouquet at MY wedding!! Unfortunately, Matt has to stay back and work :/ We'll have to plan a trip for BOTH of us out there when we can both afford to take the time off.

Oh! I got a calling this last Sunday, so Matt and I are both working with the youth now! I'm Mia-maid/Laurel advisor. They're a fun group of girls, so I can't wait to get to know them more!

Alright, that's it for now. Promise I'll keep up with this thing and post more soon. (:

(P.S. War Eagle!!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 months-ish down... An eternity to go (:

Alrightyyyy...So, I'm not exactly sure I'm ever going to get a hang of this whole blog thing, but I'll take a shot at it!

Where to start? Well, Matt and I will have been married for TWO months exactly in a week. Crazy, I KNOW! It's great though! It's been fun learning things about one another. We are both working, so we really only get to spend "quality" time together on Sundays. By quality times, I mean NAP TIME. Lol. We usually go over to his parents house after church and take a nap in between changing our loads of laundry. It's just coincidence that Matt's mom makes an AWESOME roast every Sunday for dinner....yeaaah ;) Anyway, Matt's is working for his dad still (SER) and I'm working for a guy in our ward, Brother Beaton, at Atlanta Kilts. It's pretty fun actually. Different, i know....but fun!

So, it's just Matt, me, Maci, and her last puppy we have left in the apt. We've had a hard time finding someone to buy him--which is sad, considering he is SUCH a cool dog. He's super attached to me--not so much to Matt. Lol. Matt is determined that we need to get rid of BOTH the dogs. Yeaaaaah--that wont happen! Nice try though ;)

We kept Amy, my 24 y.o. handicap sister, at the apt last weekend. That was so much fun! It was good getting to spend time with her again (: Matt watched her for about 6 hours while I was at work (with his eyes closed, might I add). They enjoyed taking a LONG Saturday nap on the couch all day. Lol. Other than that, nothing seems to be new. We're not very interesting now that we're married-haha.

More later?? Off to bed!