Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 months-ish down... An eternity to go (:

Alrightyyyy...So, I'm not exactly sure I'm ever going to get a hang of this whole blog thing, but I'll take a shot at it!

Where to start? Well, Matt and I will have been married for TWO months exactly in a week. Crazy, I KNOW! It's great though! It's been fun learning things about one another. We are both working, so we really only get to spend "quality" time together on Sundays. By quality times, I mean NAP TIME. Lol. We usually go over to his parents house after church and take a nap in between changing our loads of laundry. It's just coincidence that Matt's mom makes an AWESOME roast every Sunday for dinner....yeaaah ;) Anyway, Matt's is working for his dad still (SER) and I'm working for a guy in our ward, Brother Beaton, at Atlanta Kilts. It's pretty fun actually. Different, i know....but fun!

So, it's just Matt, me, Maci, and her last puppy we have left in the apt. We've had a hard time finding someone to buy him--which is sad, considering he is SUCH a cool dog. He's super attached to me--not so much to Matt. Lol. Matt is determined that we need to get rid of BOTH the dogs. Yeaaaaah--that wont happen! Nice try though ;)

We kept Amy, my 24 y.o. handicap sister, at the apt last weekend. That was so much fun! It was good getting to spend time with her again (: Matt watched her for about 6 hours while I was at work (with his eyes closed, might I add). They enjoyed taking a LONG Saturday nap on the couch all day. Lol. Other than that, nothing seems to be new. We're not very interesting now that we're married-haha.

More later?? Off to bed!


  1. Glad you got a blog! I love blogging, it's a blast! There are so many funny blogs out there! Have fun, your kids will read this later!

  2. LAURA! welcome to the blogging world! i have been blogging for a little over a year and still havent gotten the hang of it! so dont get frustrated just be patient! let me know if you have any questions and HOPEFULLY i can help you out! looking forward to following the oldroyds more closely :)