Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

This is for you, Shannon (:

Time for some major updates! Since I last posted (6 months ago...sorry!!) Matt and I have had so much happen in our lives! We became official homeowners in January. Woo hoo!! It's so nice to have a yard for the dogs to run around in and space to actually LIVE. We got back Duke, our dog we had to get rid of when we got the space was much needed. It's a beautiful house and we are so beyond blessed to be able to have it. It's 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath. We were excited to be able to find the perfect house and stay in Lawrenceville. We only moved 5 minutes away, but we have moved into a new ward. We were super bummed to have to leave the Collins Hill ward,but I'm sure we'll love meeting new people in the Lawrenceville ward. It's an exciting new beginning for us!

It's alsooooooo....our 1 year anniversary!! Wahooo!! It's hard to believe we have already been married a year. A YEAR! And we've already got a house? We're so beyond lucky (: The last year has been super awesome though. Two years ago when Matt came out to Utah after his mission, I never imagined that today we'd be sitting at the lake house, reminiscing the last year together being married. It's awesome! Marrying my best friend was the most brilliant thing I've done-hands down.
We came up to the lake house last night with the dogs and stayed the night. This morning I made us pancakes for breakfast and then we've just been lazy all day. It's actually pretty exciting. We don't have cable at our new house yet, so being lazy all day and watching tv is PERFECT. Lol, Although,I didn't think through the fact that every year, I will have to share my anniversary with MARCH MADNESS. Not crazy about that,but what can ya do?

Alrighty,well that's it for today, folks. I've got to get back to the tv--take in as much as I can until we head back to the cable-less house. Ugh... Hope everyone else's lives are just as amazing as ours!!
Until next time...<3>

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